Saturday, February 25, 2017

We're Here!

Outside the Moscow Airport
Jet lag has a firm grip on us this morning, but we are here in Russia. Last night we stayed in a Ramada Inn near the Moscow Airport, and later this morning we will head back to the airport for our flight to Elista - our final destination. There are only three flights per week from Moscow to Elista, so we'll leave plenty of time for getting to the airport and checking in.

Ted missed this flight the last time he came to Kalmykia, and his luggage missed the flight from the U.S. to Moscow. So he spent three days wearing the same clothes, holed up in a hotel, waiting for his luggage and the next flight to Elista. I am determined to avoid this fate.

We'll have more to say after we get to Elista and settle in. Tomorrow is a major holiday in Kalmykia - Mongolian New Year - and we are hoping to participate in some of the festivities!

Tea and pretzels welcome visitors to the hotel
Our king size hotel bed has two twin size comforters,
which is BRILLIANT. I didn't have to fight for covers
at all last night!

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  1. ahh!! I missed you, but I am so happy to see you here. xo